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Actual Virtual Report Samples

Your trainer will provide you with an initial report after the first evaluation/session with your child and thereafter at the end of each month.

We know how important it is for parents to receive feedback and to be able to see their child’s progress. We also know that as parents you are looking to Energetic Juniors trainers to teach your children how to have fun while staying active, to develop their physical skills, and help build their confidence in their physical abilities.

My ultimate goal for him in our sessions is to get his heart rate up, to reinforce the action of bending and extending his limbs, to strengthen his center and balance, along with working his agility and awareness of the space around him.

Here’s a list of some of the things we do:

Pizza Party (relay-like race with the pillows for cardio endurance and arm strengthening)

Hide and Seek with two favorite stuffed animals. ( His babysitter hides the stuffed animals, while he holds the plank- then he runs to try to find them)

Reenact a story (All the stories I read to him he must reenact. These stories have movements and actions in them such as running, jumping, rolling, hopping, etc.)

Agility pillows (numerous agility exercises between pillows that are lined up on the floor)

Pillow Factory (For core strengthening! He must give his babysitter, who’s on the couch, the pillows with his feet!)

Age 7

April 2020
We have continued to work without missing a beat. Both boys are working hard every session. I do provide them with an easier session whenever they express they had a rough or long day. I believe the main goal is to keep them motivated but also be flexible with these changes.

May 2020
The boys and I will continue to work together and make sure they stay in shape while staying home. We will keep working on their cardiovascular health and muscle endurance to help them stay fit and healthy.

Age 12

  • We focus on Cardio, Strength, Power, Core and Mobility/Flexibility Exercises
  • We started to incorporate Kettlebell exercises and Dumbbell exercises
  • We do a little yoga or mobility exercises which I think is very important especially if he is doing online classes and sitting a lot.

I understand the current situation right now which is also stressful for kids, that is why I try my best to explain the importance and benefits of exercise.

Age 11

During the month of April we continued our gentle yoga flow and breath-work. I am changing up my guided meditations to really energetically connect with ——, almost as if I am there still using the energy work with her in person.
Every week —— gets more confident in her meditation abilities. She tells me how when I ask her to focus in on certain pains, or feelings she finds herself feeling better, more relaxed, and at ease. Considering the current times, I think it’s wonderful that we can continue practicing this gentle, restorative yoga flow together. I look forward to sharing more breathing, meditation, and movement with —— to adjust to the times.
Age 14

Below are some samples that show how personalized each and every session is:


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