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Fitness For Special Needs Children

Children with physical, developmental, and learning disabilities can feel overwhelmed by the pace and difficulty of learning new tasks and stand to benefit enormously from fitness activities. We understand how special needs children learn. We know that they can learn everything their peers can learn, given the right environment of support and positive feedback. Our workouts are designed to give kids room to grow and realize their true potential. Instead of focusing on sports, we develop high-energy fitness games that support curriculum or school activities, and then while they’re having fun we sneak in a skill. Our fitness games also help to reinforce important skills from PT and OT.

Energetic Juniors has trained children with the following disabilities: Asperger’s Syndrome, Prader-Willi Syndrome, High Functioning Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder, and Depression/Anxiety.

Meet Our Special Needs Consultants

  • We are honored to have Eric Chessen of Autism Fitness, as one of our Energetic Juniors special needs fitness consultants. Eric is a strength and conditioning professional who recognized years ago that exercise programs and fitness in the autism population were much needed, and virtually non-existent. His educational and professional training led him to develop Autism Fitness and a fitness method that combines the most proven conceptual and practical applications from both the fitness/active play and Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) fields. Eric’s mission to bring fun, appropriate, effective, and lifelong physical fitness programs to the whole ASD community.

  • Roxanne consults the EJ team by providing education and trainings and by participating in EJ workshops for the community. She provides occupational therapy for people of all ages using a strength-based approach. Roxanne sets family-centered goals and individualizes treatment plans for each client. She can help individuals to improve in all areas of development for enhanced participation at home, in school, and in the community.

Our daughter Emily has special needs. She usually enjoys exercising, but ALWAYS looks forward to Christine coming every week. As parents, we try to encourage and model a healthy lifestyle, but we found we couldn’t do it alone. We are thrilled to have Energetic Juniors.

Carol and Jim

I am so pleased with Michael’s report that I forwarded it on to his school administrators. Perhaps other families from his school will be contacting you for help… Many of these kids are on meds which make them overweight. We are so pleased with the changes in such a short time. Thank you, thank you.

Mom of a child with special needs

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