Meet our Youth Fitness trainers

Passion and commitment are number-one-characteristics of Energetic Juniors youth fitness trainers.

EJ trainers are highly educated and will help your kids get the most out of each session. Many of our youth fitness trainers have been with us for years and specialize in working with children. You will find only the most passionate, friendly, and experienced trainers in our sessions.

  • Passion for fitness

  • Responsive to needs and interests

  • Diverse backgrounds and specialties

  • Love working with children and teens

  • Great energy and encouraging spirit

  • Youth Fitness Certification or education

  • Dedicated to your child’s success

  • Creative and innovative approach to fitness

Our trainers will motivate your child to have fun and get results.

Mario G.


My name is Mario Guerrero, and I’m originally from Guayaquil, Ecuador. I have been living in New York for the past 9 years.

I have earned my bachelors of science in kinesiology and movement science, and I have also become a Youth Fitness Specialist Level 1.

I started working with children as a teenager, and have been part of summer camps in New York that worked with children from 10 to 14 years of age. I have also done volunteer work in little league teams from churches in Brooklyn and Queens.

My latest non-profit work was in Harlem in an after school program that worked with middle school kids (6-7- and 8th grade)

I have also done personal training for adults at different companies since I was 19, and I’m still heavily involved with this type of work.

My work with Energetic Juniors has helped me evolve as a youth trainer and it has provided me with a vast amount of experience that will help me advance. I’m looking forward to continuing my education and growth as a professional with Energetic Juniors.

Colleen K.

NASM-CPT, Youth Exercise Specialist and Adaptive Special Needs Fitness Trainer (Strong Education)

While attending school for business at Fordham University and working in advertising for a sports television network, exercise was always Colleen’s outlet. Colleen found that setting goals and achieving them inside the gym translated to her life outside of it. After three years of working in a corporate environment, Colleen decided to leave her job to pursue a career within the fitness industry. Colleen spent three years working in management for a small boutique fitness studio, and while there, she obtained her personal training certification through NASM. She thoroughly enjoys helping her clients set and accomplish their fitness goals.

Colleen has always had a passion for working with children. As a teenager, she began working as a camp counselor and continued to work with children by babysitting for multiple families in Manhattan. As a trainer at Energetic Juniors, Colleen enjoys combining two of her passions: fitness, and children! She believes that fitness is not only a great tool in creating physical changes, but also (and more importantly) it is a tool towards improved confidence, self-esteem, and outlook.

Colleen has earned her Youth Exercise Specialist certification through NASM and her Adaptive Special Needs Fitness Trainer certification through Strong Education. She can’t wait to help her youth clients reap the positive benefits of fitness!

Paytra G.


Paytra brings a unique and young energy to exercise and health. She has been two-times certified by the International Sports and Science Association. Her passion for fitness and continuing education on new ideas/workouts makes for a challenging and ever-changing workout program.

Her philosophy working with kids is that exercise should be an enjoyable experience that caters to the needs, goals, and desires of each child. She loves to instill confidence and a life-changing attitude about the healthy lifestyle.

Paytra is also a professional singer/musician, and she uses her musicality to foster the creative side of the kids. She’s adventurous, passionate, and full of joy; and she feels honored to be able to share her love for health with clients of any age.

Meredith T.

Virtual Sessions and In- Person Training in Riverdale

When it comes to working with children and teens, Meredith believes in fostering a positive, safe environment in which the kids can build their self confidence, reach their goals, and most importantly, have fun. She recognizes that kids, just like adults, are all beautifully unique and finds it crucial to personally tailor each and every workout to match the vivid, individual spunk of the client. She finds children and teens to be inspiring, and is passionate about helping them to discover their full potential. Meredith has had several years of experience developing and teaching dance, fitness, yoga, and gym classes to kids of all ages. She is an ACE certified personal trainer and graduate of the dance theater program at The American Musical and Dramatic Academy. In addition, she has education and experience in multiple dance styles, yoga for kids, CardioTap NYC, HIIT, and dance cardio.

Meredith is a Youth Fitness Certified trainer.

John V.


I believe the best time to start practicing fitness and health was yesterday. The second best time is today.

No matter what age – young or old – I enjoy helping enrich and change lives through training. Since being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes as a teen, I decided to take action about how I wanted the rest of my life to be – long, healthy and joyful. I took up training and quickly realized my calling was not just to train myself, but others as well. From being a summer camp counselor in my high school years to formally training teens now, I have always enjoyed working with kids and young adults. It is never too early to learn good movement “habits,” and stay ahead of the curve with sports performance and strength.

I am currently certified by NASM and am pursuing a Doctorate of Physical Therapy. I emphasize correct, efficient movement that transfers over to sports, daily life, and addresses stability and strength. I am well versed in many modalities and enjoy being creative with whatever equipment is available. Most of all, I enjoy making workouts fun, challenging and engaging!

Gerre “Dre”

Certified Personal Trainer, Youth Exercise Specialist, Fitness Nutrition Specialist – NASM

Dre began his path to becoming a Personal Trainer in 2010.  With over a decade of experience in his field, he’s not only upgraded and enhanced his ability as a trainer; he’s become a valued and respected instructor. Working with clients of various ages and fitness levels, Dre tailors each workout based on the individuals needs and abilities; maintaining the overall understanding of fitness and nutrition being a vital part of a healthy lifestyle.

As a father to a young daughter, Dre recognizes and understands the long-term benefits of teaching kids and teens the importance of being active (putting down the electronics) and maintaining a healthy lifestyle at an early age.

As a Certified Spartan SGX Coach and a participant in many OCR events, Dre challenges anyone and everyone to reach their maximal potential. Whether your goal is to complete 5 push-ups or a 5K, Dre will make sure you reach your goals and have a fun time doing so!

Chao L.


Growing up, Chao took up playing in multiple sports teams on a high school and collegiate level as an outlet to managing adolescent obesity. Her passion in athletics led her to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in exercise science, with the intention of helping the general population bridge the gap between health and fitness.

As someone who has struggled with poor diet and physical performance, Chao hopes to simplify the components to maintaining a healthy lifestyle for adolescents and adults. She has had extensive experience training sedentary youths all the way to athletes in sports teams.

Chao holds a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science and is certified by NASM as a performance enhancement specialist.

“People are not fragile. Fitness has been life changing for me, and I hope more people can see the value in being the strongest versions of themselves, instead of having to fixate over seeing the smallest number on the scale or having to worry about what they’re eating on vacation.”

EDWIN R. (AKA Coach Ed)


Adaptive Special Needs Fitness Trainer (Strong Education)

Hi! My name is Edwin Richardson. I’m a certified personal trainer who believes that everyone deserves to be healthy. My focus is the kids – they are the future!

I have 10 years experience working with Bodysculpt, an organization dedicated to bridging kids, sports and healthy lifestyle habits. I excel at teaching children and young adults how to incorporate these healthy choices into their daily life.

My areas of expertise include boxing, weight loss, weight gain and chess coaching.

Claude J.

Kickboxing, Boxing, Judo, Sports Conditioning

Born and raised in New York City, Claude has been a Personal Trainer for more than 15 years, with certifications as an instructor in Kettlebell Training, Kickboxing, Boxing, Advanced Stretching Techniques, Integrated Stretching, TRX Suspension System.

He is also experienced in coaching youth basketball, organizing multi-sport youth activities, and working one-on-one with youth to increase agility, strength, and conditioning. Claude enjoys teaching and sharing self-defense techniques through Judo and submission grappling. He believes passionately in the importance of exercise and aims to help his clients adopt a lifestyle that keeps them healthy and fit.

As a coach and personal trainer, he emphasizes the value of exploring a variety of strategies to achieve ones goals, guiding clients on a path to long-term health and fitness.

In working with youth, Claude focuses on increasing confidence, and developing lifelong healthy habits for optimal physical development, and to enhance their quality of life and reach their potential.

James M.


Consistent and sustainable growth is James’ true passion. Providing a system that allows individuals to change their life for the better is his calling. Empowering himself to do the above allows him to sleep soundly.

Ever since the passing of his father, James decided to take his life into his own hands and never let go. At this stage James knew he wanted to spend his life doing two things: to add value to others and to live his life with as little regrets as possible. When he started to engage in fitness, he realized that he was meant to share his knowledge with others and improve their quality of life.

James has the unique opportunity to indulge in all the above. As a student as well as a personal trainer, James excels in being flexible, empathetic, and effective. James is certified by NASM, holds a bachelor’s degree in exercise science, and is currently a doctoral student in the process of acquiring a degree in physical therapy.

In working with youth, James enjoys making workouts fun! Creativity is his specialty as James is able to work with any equipment that is available. In training with youth, James focuses on developing self-confidence, self-worth and habits that will improve their lives for years to come.

Ginger M.

Yoga Instructor, Dance Teacher, Health & Wellness Coach

Ginger brings a truly joyful and transformative experience to Kids Yoga Instruction and Health Coaching. She is certified through Yoga Ed (which meets the Physical Education Standards), Yoga Works, Karma Kids Yoga, and The Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

Her passion for helping people shines as she guides her clients to grow and develop not only their physical strength, but mental stamina, compassion for oneself, and strength of character. Ginger has been in the Health and Wellness field since 2010. She instructs with a trauma informed lens and has worked with children with language-based learning difficulties.

Her philosophy is that yoga and health coaching is a bio-individual experience; therefore, she caters to the particular needs of each client she works with. She helps her clients feel more confident in their abilities and encourages an exercise routine and health plan that best suits the child.

Ginger is also a dancer, singer and actress and has performed all over the world. She holds a BA in Theatre/Speech with a minor in Dance. In fact, she will be performing at Carnegie Hall this winter! She can’t wait to help your child reach their health and wellness goals and she looks forward to meeting you soon.

John-Edward Barana Fajardo


“The foundation of every state is the education of its youth.”

“We are what we repeatedly do; excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.”
-Will Durant

“No man has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training. It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable.”

These three quotes exemplify my philosophy on training. Train as early as possible, consistency is more important than intensity, training is the foundation of unlocking your body’s full potential. With these in mind you will be capable of taking on any challenge life throws your way.

I currently hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science, a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Psychology and a minor in Sociology. I am a certified phlebotomist, certified medical assistant, and certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. I hold black belts in multiple martial arts and have been training since 1994. I have worked as a physical therapy tech for three years where I have worked with children. I have also worked with children in my martial arts classes and as a medical assistant.

Amanda Collins

Dance and ISSA Certified Personal Trainer

Amanda Collins, originally from Sydney Australia, has lived and worked in New York as a personal trainer and professional dancer for eight plus years. She has a Personal Training and Group Fitness Instructor certification from ISSA and is a graduate of the American Musical and Dramatic Academy New York’s Dance Theater program. 

Amanda loves the combination of the arts and fitness as a career and intends to share the benefits of both to those she works with. She is an avid runner and participates in many NYC races. Amanda even completed the New York City Marathon in 2021 whilst still performing and training full time.

Amanda has a deep love of being active in any form and wants to share that passion with everyone she encounters, particularly the younger generation. Throughout her years living in New York Amanda has taught all styles of dance at various levels of skill, working with children of all ages.

She uses her fitness and dance knowledge to create a fun environment for children to explore their love of dance or fitness, providing a very creative approach to exercise with a lot of variety. She believes people of any age can find a new love for fitness and wants to share that message. She strongly believes in creating a safe and inclusive environment for all and wants to be a part of an environment that encourages anyone to participate and find the benefit in fitness. 


ACE Certified personal trainer, precision nutrition level 1, mobility and corrective exercise specialist

I was always active as a kid, doing everything from playing basketball every day after school to going camping over the summers with my Boy Scout troop. I was even strength training in my last years of high school.

As an adult, I was diagnosed with ADHD. And while exercise is extremely important with that diagnosis, I did not understand how essential it truly was. Because of that absence of understanding, I lacked the motivation to continue my healthy habits into my adult life. Luckily, eventually I was sparked to make a change, and that’s when I realized just how useful exercise and fitness truly was, specifically for my mental health.

I want to help kids understand that exercise and training is important, and that it can be fun and outlet for our daily stressors. I want to help the future generation be strong and healthy!

Debbie M.


I have been in the fitness industry since 2008 and began my career teaching spin and group fitness classes. I loved working with people to help them achieve their fitness goals, so I then went on for my NASM Personal Training certification.

I specialize in high intensity circuit style training as well as endurance and functional training for a wide range of clients. I have experience training those as young as teens up to and including older adults, people recovering from injuries, and pre- and post-natal women.

I incorporate a variety of training methods into each client’s training program based on their individual needs, including bodyweight exercises, plyometrics, and free weights to keep workouts fun and to continually challenge muscles.

I began playing sports and exercising at a young age, so fitness has always been a big part of my life. I enjoy helping people live healthier, happier lives. I really believe that with dedication and hard work you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

For training teens and younger clients, I focus on keeping the exercises fun in order to keep their attention and interest. I feel that if kids or teens can start to enjoy and see the importance of exercise at a young age, it will make it easier for it to become a part of their healthy lifestyle when they are adults. Using a variety of equipment can also help to get teens excited and interested in working out.

In addition to my current certifications, (American Heart Association CPR/AED, ACE Group Fitness Instructor, Schwinn Indoor Cycling, TRX Suspension), I am currently working on my ACE Functional Training Certification as well as my Precision Nutrition Coaching Level 1 Certification.

I hope to be able to further help my clients with new knowledge and skills.

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