example of monthly update for a 13 year old

Having now trained with her for the better half of 2 months, I see improvements in areas such as balance and coordination but her strength and endurance are still in need of attention.

Through variety we’ve discovered specific exercises she truly enjoys, for example; sit-ups with a ball toss and challenging balance on the air discs with a ball toss. When it becomes a challenge with a specific number of reps to beat I see her competitive side come out, which is very cool. She has never wavered on her willingness to try different exercises and often will repeat a rep if she knows the one before wasn’t great, all on her own regard.

I would like to continue working on her endurance. I think her strength will progress so long as she keeps up her activity. While it is harder during the winter months I strongly encourage her to create as many opportunities to get in some rigorous activity as possible. Long jog/walks or playing with the dogs in the dog runs are an example of “accessible movements” opportunities. During our weekly sessions I make a point to have her do some kind of heart racing exercise but she should be doing this everyday.

As far as homework for her, which I call a “challenge,” she should be aiming to practice the “bear crawl,” “descending angle push ups,” “fast feet,” and “squat jumps,” for 30 seconds on/off at 5x once a day or every other day. I am happy to provide images for any of the aforementioned exercises but I believe she knows these. She is also working towards her plank and I’ve asked she practice that as well.

I know she will continue to progress with dedication and am proud of the work she’s put in thus far.


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