example of update for a 5 year old

The parent’s goal was to help their child with basic coordination, balance, eye hand coordination, so he ultimately is comfortable playing age appropriate sports with friends.

It was such a pleasure meeting and working with this 5 year old during our first session. He greeted me with the most energetic and warm personality. Learning about his interests and how creative he can be was was truly inspiring and heart warming. I was so pleased that he wanted to visit the park, to allow me to best assess his skills and abilities on various fundamentals.

His excitement added to our session so greatly and really showed me how motivated he can be with completing whatever exercise he was given to challenge him.

We began with a warm up in which he was super active, eager to please and dedicated to doing his best. Although having fun and enjoying our time, he took direction very well and impressed me sharing some skills he learned in other sports.

After testing his skills with some challenging and fun activities with a game of catch & throw, jumping, balancing and handling his own body weight I was super impressed. I see incredible potential in him and can now plan a customized program to refine his skills and build on them to learn more complex exercises.

In the coming weeks I look forward to also working on his coordination and to help him learn elements like balance, rhythm and spacial orientation. Ultimately, with practice and consistency his overall strength, speed and coordination will be the focus to improve over time.

Thank you for allowing me to train this wonderful 5 year old! He is a great joy to work with.


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