Example of 1st session report with 12 year old

This is a child who was resistant to exercise, but enjoyed dancing.

The plan was that a very creative dancer/trainer would be assigned and there would be no talk of fitness per say. This almost teen is now hooked and while enjoying her sessions all is being accomplished.

1st session update…

Today was an awesome session. Beginning with our warm-up of drum rolls to different beats and flows of music to isolations, grooves and stretching.

We set some Goals for stretching in the coming weeks for getting more flexible and not giving up! She was super engaged and seemed to really enjoy learning our first combo utilizing drumsticks that she definitely has the knack for.

Our second dance combo was more challenging without drumsticks and more grooves using isolations used in our warm-up. Our last run through proved to be the best attempt and I could tell she felt really accomplished when she was able to hit the moves that we’re giving her a challenge.

We wrapped up with a cool down and some more stretching. We talked about working on some Grooves next time so we can measure how much easier it gets once isolating movements become less challenging and more second nature.

What a fabulous 1st session… Super Proud… did a Fantastic job ! Looking forward to our next session.


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