personal training sessions

All of our personal training sessions will keep your kids motivated, challenged and in the best mental and physical shape they can be.

Personal Training Sessions

Our handcrafted workouts, session variety and high-energy trainers are all here to provide fitness routines that work just for your child. At Energetic Juniors we can customize each workout, the way that you want and need them to be. We recommend a healthy balance and mixing up sessions for best results.

Overall we offer 10 different sessions with playful, inspiring names that are sure to keep your kids talking about their favorite personal trainers. All of our personal training sessions will keep your kids motivated, challenged and in the best mental and physical shape they can be. We’re here to make exercise FUN and keep your kids moving.

Warrior Training

Train like a warrior with our ninja trainers. The arts of kickboxing, boxing, and martial arts train your strength, agility, focus, and endurance; they’re a whole lot of fun, too! Check out our Martial Arts program for more info.

Super Jumper Session

So you want to jump higher? Maybe you are hoping to be a basketball star someday; maybe you want to have more energy and endurance when you are playing with friends at recess; or maybe you just plain like jumping. Whatever your reason, our Super Jumper Session will get your heart pounding and your muscles working. We focus on a variety of power and coordination exercises to give you that extra spring in your step.

Crazy Cardio

Cardio: everyone dreads it. But at Energetic Juniors, cardio isn’t just cardio…it’s Crazy Cardio! We take the labor out of the exercising because we like having fun while we train. Our Crazy Cardio sessions will improve your heart health, help you lose weight, and make you feel more energized every day. To find out more about cardio sessions, check out our popular Cardio and Endurance workout.

Core Builder

The Core Builder session is for those who want to feel rock-solid-strong in everything they do. It’s also for those who want to improve their balance, overall fitness, and ability to tackle a wide range of physical activities. Core exercises are beneficial for everyone, and our Core Builder session is the perfect way to get a head start. Watch our power yoga video to get a glimpse of our Core Builder Sessions.

Muscle Builder

You’re looking to get stronger and build some muscle? Our Muscle Builder session is just what you need. You’ll receive exercises and workouts that train every one of the body’s major muscle groups. This strength class has the added bonus of a big boost in confidence. Anybody looking to become stronger should sign up for this session. Find out more about how we approach muscle building with strength training exercises.

So You Know You Can Dance

It’s time to get your groove on! Sometimes the best exercise is not the kind we do in the gym but the kind we do on the dance floor. Come to our So You Know You Can Dance session to break a sweat, enhance your rhythm, and have a blast. We work with a wide variety of dance styles, so there is sure to be something just for you. Watch our dance video to see this session in action.

Gym Crush

Feeling a little less than confident when gym class rolls around? Check out our Gym Crush session. We focus on basic fitness and sport skills encountered in a gym class setting and help you learn how to crush it around your peers when you’re exercising and competing in class. If gym is your least favorite class of the day, this is perfect for you.

Running Coach

Thinking about joining the track team? Or maybe you want to be faster out on the field when playing sports? Our Running Coach session has something for everyone. Running is a lifelong skill that will serve you for many years to come, and the fantastic fitness benefits running gives you are not to be beat. If you want to speed up, run for longer periods of time, or enhance your overall fitness, check out the Running Coach session.

Sports School

You can’t help it. You’re crazy about sports. Luckily for you, our trainers are, too. If you want some extra training in a sport you already play or want a head start in getting ready to join a sports team, this is the session for you. We work on a wide variety of skills and you can check out more about our sports coaching here.

Special Needs

Does your child have special needs that make it difficult for him to progress physically at the same rate as his peers? Our highly qualified special needs trainers at Energetic Juniors are here to help. We have successfully helped children with Asperger’s Syndrome, Prader-Willi Syndrome ( omit), High Functioning Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder, Depression, and Anxiety. We understand how special needs children learn, and our workouts are designed to help them achieve their full potential. View our Special Needs program to find out how we can help your child.

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