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Energetic Juniors brings kids fitness programs straight to your doorstep.

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In Home One-On-One Fitness Training
For Kids and Teens

We are Energetic Juniors, the energizing fitness concept for children and teens between the ages of 4 and 18. We provide in home personal training for kids that incorporates cardiovascular, strength training, yoga, boxing and more. Our trainers guide kids through a 60-minute workout using age-appropriate equipment to tone and strengthen the body, improve self-esteem and overcome common health challenges.

Why Energetic Juniors? We blend sports coaching, dance, yoga, martial arts, and strength training with discovery and imagination. Our in-home personal training uses innovative workouts for kids, based upon your child’s unique interests. EJ trainers sometimes even integrate activities with curriculum goals such as spelling, social studies, and math.


What Others Are Saying

  • Energetic Juniors has been a godsend for a fitness-focused mom with a sedentary daughter! The trainers are high-energy, technically skilled, sensitive and fun. My daughter feels good about herself after her workouts and is always excited about the next session. Thank you to Bonita for her vision and kindness!
    Alexandra’s mom
  • Whoever thought workouts could be so much fun. Our daughter says she doesn't like her fitness sessions with Katrina and Tami… she LOVES them!!! They have the “funnest and most active” time together - Thank you Energetic Juniors for helping our 8-year-old appreciate the power and fun of fitness.
    Deborah Roberts and Al Roker
  • Jane B.

    Trainer Spotlight: Jane Bernhard

    Jane B: ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Sport-Specific Skills   Jane Bernhard is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer. Growing up as a nationally ranked soccer player, Jane has always had a passion for fitness and sports. She has a BFA in musical …

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  • Mindfulness Matters—3 Ways to Help Your Child Become More Mindful

    By Mia Rosenberg, LMSW Getting back into the routine of a new school year can be challenging and exhausting. Homework, friendships, new classes, and new teachers, are just a few of the obstacles children have to prepare for. While juggling …

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  • Building Skills from the Ground Up

    By Jane Bernhard, Certified Energetic Juniors Trainer     “My 9 year old loves sports and has great hand eye coordination, but he is slow and has a weak core which impacts posture. I am looking for a personal trainer …

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