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Why Choose EJ?

Bestof16small-1The Energetic Juniors program is unique because it incorporates creative exercises, rather than focusing on one sport, to expose children to many different activity options and help them find their physical outlet. We turn fitness into a game, bringing it into the “fantasy life” of children, so they are naturally inspired to continue moving and developing all of the muscle groups in their bodies.

Through our personal, one-on-one workout sessions, our trained, energetic, and caring coaches gain insight into each child’s unique physical fitness needs and goals. Besides making fitness fun, they develop activities based upon the interests of the child, helping to form connections between physical activity and other pursuits such as school studies or after-school activities. Energetic Juniors coaches often integrate workouts with school curriculum goals such as spelling, social studies and math.

Regardless of interest or skill level, children of all ages find that Energetic Juniors simply makes it fun to be active, and that our program leads to increased confidence and physical ability, more successes with sports and other interests, and overall improved health and fitness.

The benefits of EJ’s one-on-one approach

Children with a healthy self-image are more engaged with their surroundings and their environment. The Energetic Juniors program offers kids many physical and emotional benefits including improvements in coordination, balance, aerobic ability, expression, confidence, and independence. These combined benefits are especially crucial as they contribute to a child’s self-esteem and healthy lifestyle. Our program strives to help kids continue to develop their natural abilities and encourage more involvement with teams sports such as baseball, soccer and football.

  • Increase confidence and self-esteem
  • Improve coordination
  • Better strength and aerobic fitness
  • Improve skills for organized sports

All while having FUN!

No one can poop me out like Katrina and still make me laugh and have fun. I love working with her – I feel better and we have a great time.

Lindsay, age 11

Transform your child’s physical and mental health with Energetic Juniors

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