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4 Indoor Sensory Activities for the Soul February 12, 2018

When it is so cold and snowy outside, do you ever find yourself not wanting to leave your home? Does it feel like you have been cooped up for days? Are you and your family starting to get cabin fever? …

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Fun Workouts for Kids at Home January 23, 2018

  We want to share some workouts for kids at home that will keep them occupied and engaged on those days when they’re cooped up inside.   Best of all, the workouts are so much fun kids won’t even know …

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Ask a Trainer: Getting Gamers to Move January 2, 2018

My son could literally play video games from morning to night if allowed. How can I inspire a non-athletic pre-teen to get up and move. Also, how often should he get up?   It’s very common for pre-teens to be …

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Don’t Sweat It—Why Sweating is a Fitness Myth for Kids December 9, 2017

Some parents ask me to push their kids further so they sweat and “get a good workout”. Unfortunately, this exercise-to-exhaustion myth hasn’t gone the way of weight-lifting belts and “no pain, no gain’. Sweating is a fitness myth for kids.   Common Misconceptions One …

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