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Yoga, Your Family, & You June 29, 2019

Here comes the summer! Some of you are going away with your kids, some of your kids are going away without you, and the rest of you may have kids who are going to stay here, while you balance your …

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Explore new active family games! June 16, 2019

With spring time comes more outside time and more time for playing in parks and taking in the nice weather.  Why not try something new this year?  Get your family involved in a new sport or new game!  Don’t play …

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“I Want to Get in Shape, Mom.” May 30, 2019

What does that mean coming from your 10 or 11-year-old? There’s sensitivity around creating consciousness about body image at such a young age, and when your child tells you they want to get it shape, it can leave you with …

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Keeping Kids Fueled May 22, 2019

Fueling children and teens becomes even more complicated when exercise is involved! But, choosing the right foods at the right times can help assure kids are performing their best when engaging in physical activity. It may take some experimentation, but …

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