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But I Don’t Want to Go to Gym Class… November 19, 2018

In school, gym class can become quite the dreaded and nerve-wracking place for many. Some kids may be naturally competitive and gifted in athletics while other kids gifts lie elsewhere. Similar to any other skill, athleticism is not for everyone. …

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Thanksgiving Baked Carrot Fries November 13, 2018

You won’t have any trouble getting kids to eat their veggies when these baked carrot fries are on the table. They’re simple enough to be an everyday side dish, but also are filled with fall flavors, making them a great …

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How and Why to Choose a Personal Trainer September 27, 2018

  Many parents feel that a personal trainer for their child is excessive. Why would a child need a personal trainer? There are several very important benefits a personal trainer or coach can provide for children.     “How can …

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Back to School Fitness! September 25, 2018

Back to School The most important item on any back to school checklist should be the gift of health and fitness. It is a skill that once learned, will benefit your child during their formative years and beyond.   Benefits …

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