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Good Food vs. Bad November 21, 2017

The danger of categorizing food this way to our children/teens.   Labeling specific foods as “good” or “healthy”, versus “bad” or “unhealthy” does not provide our children with the right message, and does not prepare them for a life of sustainable, …

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Banana Berry Oatmeal Cups November 3, 2017

Studies show that kids who eat breakfast are more alert during the day and perform better in school. Breakfast jumpstarts children’s days, giving their bodies fuel to maintain their energy throughout the morning. With early mornings though, it can be …

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Camp Sparkle at Gilda’s Club! October 16, 2017

Gilda’s Club in NYC is an amazing place that provides much needed services and support for adults as well and families. This July and August, EJ trainers conducted Fun Fitness classes once again at their Camp Sparkle. Everyone had a …

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What to Do When Excluded by the ‘Cool’ Kids October 11, 2017

Remember that time, at school, when all the cool kids were sitting together? Talking and laughing? When you desperately wanted to join in, but were left out of the fun? Remember how painful it was? Maybe something similar is happening …

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Back-to-School Breakfasts September 13, 2017

Mom was right when she told you breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Studies show that children and teens who eat breakfast daily perform better in school, are more likely to be physically active, and are more …

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