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The Anywhere Workout

July 7, 2016

During the summer months sometimes you can’t always get to the gym.  This workout can be done absolutely anywhere and by anyone. If you are not in a place where a bench or a stable chair isn’t around, you can easily do this on the ground.  Can’t get a few minutes away from the kids? Not a problem! They can do this workout as well, make it into a game.


Bench/Chair relays (each person does something else) :  30 sec each relay (as you get stronger you can do longer intervals)

Running in place (or around a bench)

Bench dips

Bench plank

Bench squats

Bench push-ups

Rest 30 seconds and do it again!


This little workout is easily tossed into your day no matter where in the world you are!  Have an energetic summer!


By Candice Pell, Certified Trainer and Yoga Instructor

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