Family Morning Routines: Active Stretching

Make the most out of every morning minute.

Family Morning Routines: Active Stretching

Having a stretch routine in the mornings can lead to having a good day, clear mind and also prep the body to get your day started. Some sleep positions can have our bodies feeling tight and achy for example like sleeping in a fetal position. Stretching can reduce pain and loosen tight muscles. In addition, dynamic/active stretching gets the muscles activated. Think you don’t have enough time, by setting your alarm 5 minutes before your actual alarm can lead to healthy habits. For example, you can do 1 minute of good mornings while brushing your teeth/washing your face, standing or table top cat cows on the side of your bed while listening to the news segment, leg swings or marches before putting on your clothes. Stretching doesn’t have to feel like a task but it’s getting our bodies prepared for the long day ahead.


Video by Jasmine Cochrane, Certified Personal Trainer, Certiied Youth Specialist Trainer

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