Summer Has Flown By – But the Fun Doesn’t Have to Stop!

Summer is almost over (believe it or not!?) and all the camps are coming to an end. I always find the first session back after summer break to be so fun— the children are so excited to tell me all about what they did at camp. And the best part is all these exercise-based activities and sports never felt like a “workout” to them. It was just fun.


I love hearing about this because it gives me ideas as a youth personal trainer on how to incorporate their favorite camp activities into our workouts. The fun doesn’t have to end after camp. We can and should bring it into the school year! I think it’s so important for children to try new things and and out what they enjoy doing, and camp is such a wonderful way to do that!


This school year, let’s challenge ourselves to bring the same “summer fun” energy into our routines. Maybe that means we throw a football back and forth at Central Park every Tuesday after school. Or maybe that hide and seek game he or she learned at camp becomes part of the weekend playdates. The number one reason I and that children get burned out and bored is repetitiveness in their schedules. Sure — there are some things we cannot control, but I believe fitness should always be fun and fresh. That’s my goal going into the school year.


I’ll leave you with a few ideas on how to keep your child (and yourself) moving into the school year.


  1. Never stop going outside! A quick walk or bike ride is enough to get some fresh air and a workout.
  2. Play games involving movement. Especially for younger children, this is so important to associate exercise with something that can be enjoyable.
  3. Balance work and play. Both you and your child need to maintain a healthy balance (as difficult as it can be)!
This school year is going to be great, and I look forward to including all the fun new activities
from the summer adventures into the workouts. Here’s to a healthy, happy, and fun school

By Paytra Gessler, Certified Youth Fitness Trainer, Certified ISSA Fitness Professional

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