*Social distancing maintained by trainer and child/teen

*Any equipment that the trainer uses for the session is disinfected before and after use.

*Consideration of shared public space, finding a location where distance can be kept from others.

*Consideration of sun/heat/weather/dehydration.

*Emphasizing to the child/teen that being outside doesn’t mean a relaxing of the rules.

* The trainer will reach out regarding the type of face mask that the child will wear. (The trainers feel it will be best to wear a breathable mask)

*All children/teens should bring plenty of water and hand sanitizer.

*The trainer will adjust the workout depending on the temperature

If the session involves any running, the trainer will ask a parent’s permission in advance if they could lower the mask to breathe, while keeping a safe distance from the trainer  and passersby.

Based on some of the trainer’s personal experiences they found it’s helpful to lower the face covering quickly to breath while there is no one within 6 feet. This will assist with endurance, and also allow the child/teen to get a deep breath to keep going during the session.

We understand that things are constantly changing, but for now these practices will stay in place until changes are needed either way.

As always, our only goal is to keep your children safe and moving, while continuing to have fun during their workouts.

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