Camps will not be open this summer. But that’s no reason not to help your child gain more confidence, feel healthier, and learn new skills.

All virtual camp EJ programs are customized for your child, including children with special needs. Our Energetic Juniors certified trainers work virtually with your child, with focused sessions that allow your child to develop their physical abilities faster, while enjoying a boost of confidence in their athletic ability. You’ll see significant improvements in their strength, balance, coordination and flexibility. And they can be introduced to a new activity, just like camp.

Some options to choose from…or try them all:

  • Youth Sports Conditioning
  • Fun cardio sessions
  • Yoga
  • Cardiovascular endurance
  • Martial Arts
  • Kick Boxing
  • Dance
  • Fitness Games and more……..

Virtual Buddy Sessions

If your child has a special buddy from camp, they can invite them to remotely join in your child’s sessions.

Your child/teen can have fun with a friend (one-hour sessions only), each in their own home, with no additional fee.

For Virtual Camp Parents

Sign up for 10 Virtual Camp Sessions for your child and you get a complimentary one-hour virtual yoga session.

Actual Gift

During these stressful times, we feel this is the best gift we could give you.

Learn breathing techniques to help restore your system and find some calm. Also learn postures that you can do during your busy days. (If you are already a yogi, then simply enjoy a yoga session geared to your level.)