My definition of Yoga in itself, is a comfortable seat. For children, it’s imperative they feel comfortable to be themselves. In today’s ever-changing world, we want our youth to be aware of themselves, and feel honored to be who they are. Yoga and Mindfulness can assist in that process of growth and development.


Let me begin by saying that everything starts at the root of our childhood. Doing Yoga at home with your children can alleviate the already noisy outside world they are surviving in each day. Five minutes of Yoga and Mindfulness a day with your child can open up a realm of flexibility, comfort, and compassion, not just for your child but also for yourself.


As parents, sometimes we lose ourselves in the everyday hustle. We must remember that breathing can lighten the load of life itself. It’s important to remember that mental health is also at the root of our childhood. Yoga and Mindfulness can help alleviate anxiety in children, as well as many other challenges that arise throughout their growing pains.


Anxiety can arise before an exam, during homework time, or even while your child is trying to fall asleep. All of these challenges can be because of bullying in school, poor nutrition, or just overall anxiety. Aside from always checking in with your child about their feelings, it’s important to participate with them in these practices, so you can understand them on a deeper level.


Practicing Yoga and Mindfulness with your child can create new possibilities in and outside of their home life. They are practicing movement, mindful breathing, and awareness of themselves. Those practices create patience, knowledge, physical health, and emotional stability in our youth. These techniques will help kids of all ages develop more confidently, and also prepare children for difficult transitions, whether in school or their home lives. I am here to guide you with that practice. Namaste.

By Jessica Abramov, Certified Kids Yoga & Mindfulness Instructor

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