Kids have A LOT of energy, as any parent of a child from the age of 6 to 12 knows. And there is a reason for this. Children need to exercise. It is a crucial part of their growth and development. These days, young people rarely get all the wonderful and varied exercise they need. Phys-Ed classes are essential, but they do not provide all the exercise a child needs in a day. Here are 5 Tips to keep kids active.

So how do we change this? By changing our habits at home.


The Link Between Parents and Children

Studies show that when it comes to health, children follow their parents’ examples. This study from the Journal of Obesity suggests that when parents reduce their screen time, their children reduce their own screen time accordingly.


So How Do We Apply This?

We went scouting and found some fantastic tips for making exercise a family affair. The 5 suggestions below are from and are a great starting point for making your family more active:


1. “Make physical activity part of the daily routine. From household chores to an after-dinner walk, keep your family active every day.

2. Allow enough time for free play. Kids can burn more calories and have more fun when left to their own devices. Playing tag, riding bikes around the neighborhood, and building snowmen are fun and healthy.

3. Keep a variety of games and sports equipment on hand. It doesn’t have to be expensive — an assortment of balls, hula-hoops, and jump ropes can keep kids busy for hours.

4. Be active together. It’ll get you moving, and kids love to play with their parents.

5. Limit time spent in sedentary activities, such as watching TV, being online, and playing video games and games apps.”


Don’t be afraid to be creative, though, too! The best kind of activity is activity you are doing…period. So, if you discover other physical outlets that work for you and your family, seize the opportunity! Just make sure you’re having fun, too!


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