A great way to get in a fun workout for you and your children is by creating an obstacle course.

You will need some stations. Let the kids help with this. Children often come up with a very creative approach.

Here is what you will need to do:

1) Set up 4-6 Stations.

Station 1 = Throwing stuffed animals into a bucket
Station 2 = Jumping Jacks
Station 3 = Sit-ups
Station 4 = Push-ups or plank holds
Station 5 = Jump Rope

If the weather is nice you can do this activity in a playground using the jungle gym, ladders, slides and swings.

2) Designate what kind of movement you would like to do as you travel to each of the stations. It could be skipping, jogging, jumping, etc.

3) Time it: Spend 30 seconds at each station before moving on to the next one. Try to see if you can complete 3 rounds.

An obstacle course not only provides a great workout for you and your family, but it provides an opportunity to strengthen the bond between you and your child.

Be creative and have FUN.


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