Why is it that some children take to organized sports like fish to water and others don’t? The answer may surprise you…


The Misconception

Many people assume that because their child is not good at organized sports, they are not athletic. This is a common misconception. Many children are very athletic, but simply haven’t found a good outlet for their physical energies. This is why it is important to consider a wide variety of sports as options for your child.


A Variety of Options

We typically think of activities like football, soccer, and tennis when looking at youth sports. However, there is a whole range of other sport options you may not be aware of—activities such as rock climbing, badminton, wakeboarding, archery, and disc golf.  It can be helpful to think of sports in terms of personalities. There are endless personalities, and there are sports that fit every child’s personality.


But How to Choose?

The picture is more complicated now than it was at first. You may be wondering how to choose a sport when there are so many options available. This is where a personal trainer or coach can be especially helpful. A trained eye can work with your child, ask questions, offer a variety of physical activities, and ultimately determine what might be a good athletic option for your child.


How We Can Help

One of Energetic Juniors specialties is in sports training. Our goal is to help each child find the athlete within.


What We Do

For those who find sports intimidating, we create fun and challenging physical activities that serve as an alternative to sports. We also identify how much your child is getting out of a particular sport and if it’s a good fit. We encourage their participation in a variety of physical activities to help them discover their natural interests and inclinations.

Whether your child is experienced or just starting out, our sports coaching will help them move to the next level.



Energetic Juniors specializes in personal training for kids (in fact, that’s all we do!) If you’re looking for a trainer to work with your child, take a look at the full range of personal training sessions we provide. Contact us at 212-879-1566 for more information. Take a look at our site www.energeticjuniors.com