As a concerned and caring parent you want the best for your child.  One of the first things you do when your child expresses an interest in a particular sport is be supportive and excited.  The second thing you do is kindly share a dose of reality.

Dose of reality:  It’s important to share with your daughter that track involves a lot of running and that this is something she needs to be prepared for.

The support:  If your daughter is still excited, you can get her prepared by having her do interval sprints.

Here’s what she will need to do:

  • Find an open field, park or empty sidewalk.
  • Begin by jogging to warm up.
  • Slowly get into a steady rhythm and begin to sprint and see how far she can go without getting winded to the point where she has to stop.
  • When finished with the sprint have her slow her pace down to a jog again and catch her breath at that steady pace.
  • Begin with 5-8 sprints at a time, 2-3 times a week.  As the weeks go on try to increase the number of sprints that she can do.
  • Don’t forget to stretch at the end.

This helped me cut my time drastically when I was marathon training.

By Katrina Phillip, Energetic Juniors Certified Personal Trainer

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