Parents often come to us saying that their child does not want to go to gym class. Often this has to do with these children feeling intimidated or embarrassed in front of their peers or their teacher. These children may be getting teased by other kids or they may not be as far along in physical development as their peers, which often result in a desire to avoid gym class. If these problems are not addressed, they will only grow: avoiding physical activities causes a child to fall behind developmentally, and the awareness of physical inadequacy in certain skills (balance, agility, strength, etc.) causes a child to avoid physical activity even more.

For this reason, offering these children the opportunities to build skills in a non-competitive setting with fewer distractions—the environment we offer during our one-on-one training sessions—allows them the chance to grow outside of the class setting and witness personal improvement when they return to gym class. This process is also a cycle: the improvement in performance results in a boost in self-confidence, leading to a desire to engage more in physical activity and thus improve performance further.


Our trainers guide kids through a 60-minute workout, using age-appropriate exercises, in order to strengthen the body, improve self-esteem, and overcome common health challenges. Though all of our sessions boost a child’s self-esteem, the ones listed below may be especially helpful if your child feels self-conscious:

  • Muscle (and Confidence) Builder
    • You’re looking to get stronger and build some muscle? Our Muscle (and Confidence) Builder session is just what you need. You’ll receive exercises and workouts that train every one of the body’s major muscle groups. This strength class has the added bonus of a big boost in confidence. Anybody looking to become stronger should sign up for this session.
  • Gym Tutor
    • Feeling a little less than confident when gym class rolls around? If so, check out one of our gym tutor sessions. We focus on basic fitness and sport skills you encounter in gym class and help you learn how to become more confident around your peers while exercising and competing in class. If gym is your least favorite class of the day, this is the perfect session for you.
  • Warrior Training (kickboxing/boxing/martial arts)
    • Train like a warrior with our ninja trainers. The arts of kickboxing, boxing, and martial arts train your strength, agility, focus, and endurance; they’re a whole lot of fun, too!

Having a healthy body means having both physical and mental balance. It means accepting and appreciating ourselves. Developing a healthy body image happens over time, but it’s a known fact that physical activity can speed up this process. If you want to help your child along that path, give us a call. We are here to help.

Energetic Juniors specializes in personal training for kids (in fact, that’s all we do!) If you’re looking for a trainer to work with your child, take a look at the full range of personal training sessions we provide and contact us at 212-879-1566 for more information. Take a look at our site