We’ve been training kids for many years, and throughout that time have received many letters and testimonials from happy parents whose kids are loving their Energetic Juniors personal training sessions.


I’m always thrilled to hear this kind of feedback, because we put a lot of time and energy into making sure that kids are energized and rejuvenated after every training session.


But one thing that always surprises me is when I hear parents say that they didn’t

think it mattered whether or not their kids’ trainers had experience working with children, until they hire a trainer who has only worked with adults.


Here is an example testimonial:


“The first trainer I hired didn’t work out because my daughter was not excited about it.  Then I hired Energetic Juniors and my daughter has been training with him for many months.  I now realize that there is a very big difference between regular trainers and those who know how to make it fun for kids.”


– Mother of Jamie



I’m elated to hear that Jamie and her mom were happy with their Energetic Juniors Personal Trainer.


What bothers me are the sad stories I hear from parents who have had a less than satisfactory experience working with an individual who has trained their child. These trainers often refer to themselves as “youth fitness experts,” “children’s personal trainers,” or a “private sports coaches.”


Personal training for kids as an industry has exploded over the last few years. Because of the endless benefits personal training can give to a child, it has become a huge industry.


So what we now have are a lot of trainers out there, jumping on the youth fitness bandwagon. Once you do a little digging, you realize that of these trainers there are many with little to no experience working with kids.


Working with a child requires expertise, training, and sensitivity to kids’ fitness needs.  Without these skills you can damage a child’s self-esteem, turn them off from being physically active, and even worse, hurt them.


As the owner of New York City’s first and largest child/teen in-home personal training organization, I feel it is my obligation to help you make a more informed decision when it comes to your child’s health.


To help you I have put together these tips for hiring a personal trainer for kids. I want to make sure you are fully informed when choosing a fitness professional for your child.


These tips are based on the many years I have spent working in the child personal training industry and are backed by research conducted by reputable pediatricians, exercise physiologists, and youth fitness experts.


How can a trainer/coach help my child?


A personal trainer is especially helpful when:

  • Your child doesn’t like organized sports
  • Your child is self-conscious playing sports or trying new activities
  • Your child has some health issues and you prefer supervised exercise sessions
  • Your child expresses interest in personal training

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, kids as young as 8 years old can benefit from low-resistance exercise with small weights and actually grow stronger with little risk of injury.


Follow these guidelines for choosing the right personal trainer for your kids:


Remember that a personal trainer who works with adults isn’t always the best option for a child.


The trainer you choose should also have a degree and/or nationally recognized certification from NSCA, ACSM, or other appropriate certification. There are some excellent youth fitness certifications available now.


What motivates kids is “fun” and “play”, not “boring” and “exercise”. The ideal trainer has experience training children, a sense of humor, passion about fitness, a creative approach to exercise and most importantly, a patient and encouraging demeanor.


The trainer should know how to create training sessions around fun activities, not your typical gym routines. Kids need to be involved in the creative process to stimulate their imagination, so make sure that the trainer you choose will take input from your child and get them involved in planning the routines.


The trainer should offer a balanced routine of strength, cardio and core exercise, and will help your child discover the activities he really enjoys. At Energetic Juniors, we offer a wide range of personal training sessions and customize each program to your children’s interests and needs. This is the best way to inspire kids to exercise on their own, outside of the training sessions.


Make sure the trainer you choose provides references from parents of other child clients. And don’t shy away from qualifying the trainer by asking questions about their philosophy about working with kids. It’s important that both you and the trainer set measurable goals and both have the same vision about the fitness approach.


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