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I love a game called Express Yourself where the children are free to dance however they want.  All you need is some fun music.  Here’s how to play: Preface the exercise by saying, “Dance as though no one is watching!” …

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My child is very stiff, does he need to stretch? March 29, 2013

Ask the Experts Most children compared to adults are very flexible, but when they have tight hamstrings corrective action should be taken.  Hamstrings in children and adults have the same structure, so any hamstring stretch will work.  I recommend simple …

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The Family Fit Obstacle Course March 22, 2013

  The Family Fit Obstacle Course     by Ginger Merritt, Energetic Junior’s Trainer   A great way to get in a fun workout for you and your children is by creating an obstacle course. You will need some stations.  …

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