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Friends of Energetic Juniors

  • Ask Liz Morrison Therapy
    – A mental health practice located in Union Square that helps children, teenagers, parents, families, and young adults overcome challenges and obstacles in their lives through one-on-one sessions and groups. For more information, please visit www.lizmorrisontherapy.com
  • Brown & Medina Nutrition
    Brown & Medina Nutrition’s experienced group of Registered Dietitians provide you with the foundation and tools to make healthy, mindful eating a part of your life.
  • Camp Shane
    Camp Shane the longest running Weight loss camp is all about fun, friends, exciting activities and trying something new. With proven results our goal is to create a lifelong healthier camper.
  • Citrition
    – A cutting-edge private nutrition counseling practice focused on how to be healthy and lose excess weight without having to eliminate the foods you love.
  • Middleberg Nutrition
    – A private nutrition practice that teaches clients how to better incorporate healthy eating into their daily lives, as well as equipping them with the tools necessary to better understand and navigate the nutrition landscape.


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