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Our Philosophy

The Science Behind OUR WORKOUTS

Children have unique needs. They want to fit in. It can be hard for kids to find a place where they belong, especially for kids with less demonstrated physical skills or those with special needs.

The theory behind EJ training is an interdisciplinary approach that trains the mind and body from the inside out. Energetic Juniors fills an important gap by providing compassionate, personalized attention to children who are less inclined to participate in highly completive or chaotic sports environments. We train kids individually, at their own pace, away from external pressures and stress factors, to help them cross over from occupational therapy to organized sports and activities. Energetic Juniors help kids develop their natural skills and build all of the muscle groups in their bodies. These children will be better prepared to find their passion when it comes to sports and activities in higher grades.

Transform your child’s physical and mental health with Energetic Juniors

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