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Trainer Spotlight: John Venditti

April 30, 2019


John Venditti—NASM Personal Trainer, Youth Exercise Specialist Strength Training and Sports Skills


I believe the best time to start practicing fitness and health was yesterday.  The second best time is today.


No matter what age – young or old – I enjoy helping enrich and change lives through training.  Since being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes as a teen, I decided to take action about how I wanted the rest of my life to be – long, healthy and joyful.  I took up training and quickly realized my calling was not just to train myself, but others as well.  From being a summer camp counselor in my high school years to formally training teens now, I have always enjoyed working with kids and young adults.  It is never too early to learn good movement “habits,” and stay ahead of the curve with sports performance and strength.


I am currently certified by NASM and am pursuing a Doctorate of Physical Therapy. I emphasize correct, efficient movement that transfers over to sports, daily life, and addresses stability and strength. I am well versed in many modalities and enjoy being creative with whatever equipment is available.  Most of all, I enjoy making workouts fun, challenging and engaging!