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The Best Part of Camp Doesn’t Have to Be Over

August 21, 2019

Summer is winding down, school is right around the corner, and that means your child’s camp days are coming to an end. So long to the sweaty days of sports, fun activities, and stimulation your child’s been enjoying on their school break. It doesn’t have to be that way though! What if we found a way to bring a bit of “camp” into the school year?


Bridging the Camp/School Gap

In my years of working with children, I’ve noticed how excited they are to tell me about what they did at camp over the summer. These camps are a perfect opportunity to find out what your child loves and is skilled at. You probably noticed that he or she never complains about having to play sports all day at camp, and they likely never mention that camp is ‘boring ‘. This school year, I challenge you to include some of these activities into the daily lives of your child and make them more excited about their school week. Perhaps it’s time to change your child’s workouts to more “soccer” based activities because they excelled at it at camp! Maybe your child should join an after-school science club because actually doing the experiments is much more fascinating to him/her than reading textbooks in class.



Your back to school routine doesn’t have to be draining. Create a schedule that both stimulates your child and allows him/her to grow and exercise in a way that’s truly enjoyable for them. Think about it- even as adults, we enjoy the week much more when we include activities into our schedule that we enjoy. We’re more motivated to complete our ‘work’ so that we can enjoy that time for ourselves.


Getting Your Child’s Input

Find that activity your child loves, and bring summer camp home with you this year. There’s not much you can do about a hectic schedule, but I’m sure your child will be less apt to complain when some activities include things they love. I encourage you to have that conversation and ask your child what activity they might be interested in adding to their schedule this year. Diversify their after-school activities to include physical stimulation, learning, and socializing with other kids.


Creating a balance between work and play is a great way to reduce stress for your child and increase their motivation in school and learning. Let’s make the school year just as fun as camp this year- I’m sure your child will appreciate it!


By Paytra Gessler, Certified Youth Fitness Trainer, Certified ISSA Fitness Professional

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