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Strategy #5: Listen to your child.

June 15, 2013

Strategy #5: Listen to your child. This may seem like a given, but this is one of the most

overlooked areas in child development as it relates to physical activity. As parents we always

feel we know what’s best for our child. But please know that a child’s self-esteem and

confidence as it relates to their physical competence can be very fragile.

Take the time and really listen to what types of activities your child is interested in and then

encourage them to participate in them. Your child is eager to please you, so be certain that you

are not forcing them into an activity they are not enjoying. Remember, their interest in a sport

or fitness activity may not always match up with their physical abilities. This is where it is crucial

that you as the parent match them up with a program that is sensitive to their physical


The bottom line is that your child discovers some type of physical activity that makes them

happy. The only way you’re going to know this is by asking them.