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Strategies To Get Your Child Moving Strategy #2:

May 13, 2013

Strategy #2: Health is in the Home. Take a look around your house. Is it an environment
a child can be healthy in? Is the focal point of your house the television? Do you eat your
meals while the television is on? Is there a designated area for your child to play in, for example
a basement, their bedroom, the backyard? Here are some tips to creating a healthy home
• Turn off the television during meal times. Many adults and children end up eating their
food faster while the TV is on. They also eat more because they are not paying attention
to when their stomachs are full. In addition, this is great quality time to talk to your child
about anything. It’s these special moments where you can find out what physical
activities and foods your child likes or dislikes.
• Designate play time. And by play time we don’t mean video games. This is time for
your child to enjoy physical activity through play. Check out the end of this report for
fitness game and activity ideas.
• Have healthy foods and snacks easily available. A fruit basket is a great start.

What strategies do you use to motivate your children to get moving?