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Staying on Point by Fueling Your Noodle by Brown & Medina Nutrition

November 21, 2014

Distraction and disruptions are around every bend and the days are jam packed.  Here’s the winning equation to help your kids be on top of their game:

Make each meal consist of slow release carbohydrate, high quality protein and high quality fat. 

This combination will help stabilize your child’s blood sugar while fueling her brain with continuous glucose.

Breakfast Ideas:

1.    Oatmeal with Berries: bowl of oatmeal topped with fresh berries, a spoonful of natural nut butter and a glass of skim milk.

2.    Egg Sandwich; 1-2 scrambled eggs between 2 slices of whole wheat toast and a sliced orange.

3.    A bowl of Greek yogurt with mixed berries and a sprinkling of wheat germ or granola.


4.   A whole wheat English Muffin with a spoonful of natural nut butter, sliced banana, and a glass of skim milk

Lunch Ideas:

1.    Turkey or ham/cheese sandwich with veggies on whole wheat bread with baby carrots and an apple

2.    Leftover dinner; chicken stir-fry with rice or quinoa

3.    Bowl of hearty lentil, split pea or chili with a whole grain roll and some cut- up peppers.

After-school Homework Enhancers:
*    Apple slices with peanut butter
*    Soy crisps
*    Healthy dry cereal (Puffins, Mighty Bites, Heart to
Heart, MultiGrain Cheerios) with some low fat milk
*    Baby carrots and pepper sticks and humus
*    Cherry tomatoes and String cheese
*    Edamame (in the pod)
*    Raw almonds or cashews with fruit

*   Low-fat yogurt and fruit

**Lunch for breakfast!  Don’t sweat it…focus on the fuel mix and give them what they want.

**School lunch a problem?  Sit with your child and help them identify the protein sources in the cafeteria and build from there (hard boiled eggs, sliced chicken, cheese, yogurt, nut butters and hummus/beans).

For more great tips you may contact Brown & Medina Nutrition at info@brownmedinanutrition.com  or call 212-759-6999 ext. 100.   Also check out their website at www.brownmedinanutrition.com.