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How Standing Desks Can Help Students Focus in the Classroom

November 21, 2014

I admit it. I am a stander by nature. If I sit too long, I get antsy. I don’t have ADHD, but given the choice, I simply prefer to stand over sit. With all we are hearing these days about the detrimental health effects of sitting all day at our desks, I guess I’m lucky. If I had a job that required that I sit a lot, I would do my best to acquire a standing desk. As it happens, I am a chiropractor and on my feet most of the day taking care of people. (Again, lucky me!) I think children are standers or at least fidget, by nature, as well. And those with ADHD, for sure have a hard time sitting still. That’s why I love this article and the idea of standing desks for kids! Haven’t you noticed that kids, when focused and working, naturally stand at their desks (or kitchen table) a lot? How great to be able to stand, sit, fidget and stay focused at the same time! And add the benefit of burning calories? Awesome! The article also correctly mentions stools and how sitting on that added height is better posturally. It allows the kids to swing their legs freely and opens up the angle of the hip flexors which is extremely beneficial. If we can help our kids stay more structurally sound thus healthier, while they are learning, by having them use standing desks, I’ll advocate for that!


Dr. Siri Smith has been a chiropractor since 1982 and currently practices at Midtown Integrative Health and Wellness in NYC. She takes care of people of all ages, from birth to 100+. www.drsiri.com

She can be reached at drsiri@mihaw.com or 212 752 6770.

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