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Put Some “Spring” in Your Step and Move Together! Part #2

April 11, 2015


This is a great activity to do with all ages and is educational as well as physical.  Another idea to add some creativity to your walk is to take a photo tour. Plan your photo tour around taking interesting pictures that are also physically engaging.  For example, head off to Central Park and take photos on top of rocks, under bridges, cartwheeling through the flowers, jumping over a puddle, catching brightly colored balls, flying kites.  You get the idea! little boy with camera There are plenty of parks in our very own city that offer the space to make your own photo adventure.  Taking such walks will not only give you a physical boost but can be educational as well!  It doesn’t take much time or money to create a small adventure that is physically and educationally rewarding.  Going back to basics and looking in our very own backyard can be rewarding and stress-free!

By Energetic Juniors trainer Shannon Stowe: Youth Training Specialist: ACE

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