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Object Run Fitness Game of the Month

September 8, 2013

Object Run Fitness Game of the Month  
With the weather still warm, there is still time to get outside and play! 

Object Run is a simple game that requires no equipment.   It is best played in a park, but can be played on a safe, city block.  It can be played alone or with a small group of friends.



1.  Pick a starting place – park bench, tree, water fountain, etc.


2.  Pick an object to run to.  For example, another park bench or tree.  Make sure it is at least 100 feet away so you can challenge yourself.


3.  Once you reach the object stop and do 10 hops on your left foot.  Once you have finished hopping pick another object to run to.  When you’ve arrived at the second object hop 10 times on your right foot.


4.  Continue playing until you have reached 10 different objects.



  • Pick out the objects ahead of time.
  • Instead of just running, alternate with skipping, hopping, side steps, frog hops or giant leaps.
  • Mix up the movements you do each time you stop. For example jump and twist, push ups, crunches, jumping stars.

Now that you’ve learned Object Run, get outside and play!