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How and Why to Choose a Personal Trainer

September 27, 2018


Many parents feel that a personal trainer for their child is excessive. Why would a child need a personal trainer? There are several very important benefits a personal trainer or coach can provide for children.



“How can a trainer/coach help my child?” A trainer can be helpful in the following scenarios.


—Your child doesn’t like organized sports

—Your child is self-conscious playing sports or trying new activities

—Your child has some health issues and you prefer supervised exercise sessions

—Your child expresses interest in personal training


According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, kids as young as 8 years old can benefit from low-resistance exercise with small weights and actually grow stronger with little risk of injury.



Now that you know the why of choosing a personal trainer, it’s time to focus on the how. Many people want to get a Personal Trainer for their child but are not sure how to go about picking one.


Look for these features in a trainer:


 —Specializes in coaching children. A trainer who works with adults isn’t always the best option for a child.
—Has a degree and/or nationally recognized certification. The trainer should also be Youth Certified or have continuing education credits in youth fitness.
—Has experience training children, including a sense of humor and patience.
—Creates training sessions around fun activities that aren’t typical gym routines, and includes the child’s input.
—Offers a balanced routine of strength, cardio and core exercise.
—Helps the child find activities they enjoy and will do on their own.
—Provides references from parents of other kid-clients.



—Ask questions about the trainer’s philosophy about working with kids and setting goals and make sure you agree with the approach.
—Attend the first one or two sessions with your child and see if it meets your needs.



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