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Dancing Mad Libs!

October 26, 2014


Have you ever played the funny, fill-in the blank story game, Mad Libs, while at a party or on a long trip with your family or friends? Here’s a fun game you can play together that can turn Mad Libs into a Mad Dance!


What you need: Print out a copy of the fill-in form for each dancer. Fill in the blanks and surprise your dancing buddy with how funny and creative you are!  (Hey Mom and Dad, this is also a great opportunity for your kids to review parts of speech!)


Fill in the Fun!

1.  Stand up and  (verb) your (body part), (number) times.


2.  (Verb) your head while you jump (adverb). 


3. (Verb) as fast as you can.  

4.  Make a pose that looks like a (noun). 


5.  Do the (adjective-est) thing you can think of doing.


6.  Yell (declaration) 5 times, while you jump and (verb).


Now you will be a (adjective) dancer. Repeat this as often as you can, so that you can become really (adjective). I hope that you had a good time and will now be a famous (noun)! 



  • Make up your own kooky sentences!
  • Have a hard time coming up with words to fill in the blanks? Make a word bank first so that you can pick and choose when you want to play.
  • Got a group of dancing pals? Put all of your filled-out sheets in a bag or a box and choose one at random.  Then, guess who came up with all those silly ideas!

By Jennifer Eisenberg, Alumni Trainer for Energetic Juniors