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Fall Training Offer

September 21, 2016

Fall Training Offer for Two!

With a Youth Fitness Specialist from Energetic Juniors

Right now, we are offering a special deal for fall: a 4-session program where your child can train with a friend or sibling for the same price as a private session. Sign up for this offer by September 30th .

These two-person sessions are great for building confidence.  Working out with a sibling or friend helps encourage children who may be more hesitant to try it alone.  Also a little healthy competition in a safe environment encourages many children to move more.  Although our trainers make creative and fun individualized fitness programs, we feel it’s even more fun with another child/teen.

To purchase your 4-session Buddy Workout, email Bonita at 

Bonita@EnergeticJuniors.com , or call
212-879-1566  for more information.