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Energetic Juniors for the Whole Family: Camp Games Year Round!

August 12, 2014

If you are a parent that’s worried that summer camp is over and your child will go back to watching endless hours of TV and playing video games, then try these fitness games. 

Each game is designed to mimic summer camp games, which are high energy, challenging and fun.  Your help will be required..


Camp games aren’t just for camp.

Do As I Say, Not What I Do:


The goal of this game is for your child to follow the movements that you are telling them to do.  Your job is to try and confuse them by showing them a different movement.


1.  Designate a small, open space. Have your child stand at least 6 feet in front of you so they can clearly see what you’re doing.

2.  Start with simple instructions so your child can grasp how the game works.  For example, tell your child to clap their hands together while at the same time you tap the top of your head.

3.  Continue giving them different instructions such as hopping on one foot, running in place, jump spins, arm circles, toe touches, marching in place and planks.

4.  To add a challenge, let them know if they are caught doing what you are doing and not following your verbal instructions, they must do 5 jumping jacks.


By Emil Ramnarine, President of Fit4Life, and Energetic Juniors Fitness Consultant

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