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Core Strengthening Fitness Games

December 16, 2014

A developed and sensitive core allows your child to respond more effectively to the body’s vestibular input, allowing for improved balance. Make sure your kids are having FUN while playing these games!


Some FUN ways to develop more core strength.


*Laundry/Pillow/Stuffed Animal Toss*
Child is in sit-up position, and has dirty clothes, pillows, or a stack of stuffed animals by his side. Trainer counts down “1,2,3- shoots off!”- Child sits up and throws a garment into the laundry basket. Every new piece of clothing/pillow/animal, child must lie back down to grab, sit up, toss, and throw again to try and make it in the basket. See how many you get!


*Book on head Obstacle Course*
The classic, balancing a book on your head, but, make it more fun by creating an obstacle course around the room/apartment.
Start easy, then as you perfect the course, make it more and more challenging.


*Foot To Foot*
Partner Bicycle crunches. Lie down and have your feet touching- bicycle crunch away!


Katrina Phillip

Certified Personal Trainer