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Back-to-School Fitness!

September 13, 2017

Back to School

The most important item on any back to school checklist should be the gift of health and fitness. It is a skill that once learned, will benefit your child during their formative years and beyond.


Benefits of Fitness

We all know the benefits that proper diet and exercise have not only on ourselves, but especially on our children. Stress relief, self-confidence, and increased cognitive abilities are just a few. With that being said, now is the best time to introduce a child to a consistent, supportive, and fun fitness routine.


The Lazy Summer

The summer is naturally a time when even the most sedentary kids get out and move. Whether they attend camp, travel for a family vacation, or just get out with friends , most children are not spending a good part of their day sitting in a classroom. If they did attend classes over the summer, it’s even more important that they get moving . As a parent, I know how hard it can be to get a child to stay active during the school year. Days are long, backpacks are heavy and not nearly enough time is dedicated to physical education and recess.


The Habit of Fitness

Fitness , like getting school work done is simply a habit. The best way to establish a strong and lasting habit is to consistently give it time and to provide honest and positive reinforcement. Encourage children to take advantage of their remaining time and the warm weather as much and as often as possible.


Easy Ways to Increase Activity Level

Walking instead of taking a cab or mass transit is one of the easiest ways to add activity to your day . Walking through a street fair or museum are fun and easy ways to be active and they offer the added benefit of sharing an experience and connecting with you child.


Resistance to Exercise

Eventually resistance to exercise will return—it does for everyone—, but now you will have a reference point that your child will remember and this will help them stick to their new habit. This resistance is a result of boredom so it’s important that the new journey into wellness grows and develops with new activities and challenges before it becomes an issue.


Why Start Now?

If you have tried in the past to get your child on a regular fitness routine with little or no success, remember the old saying “Timing is everything”. The new school year is a time for new beginnings and change. These changes will have an immeasurable impact on your child for the next school year and beyond.



By John Snow, Boxing Trainer and Certified Personal Trainer

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