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7 Minute Bedtime Yoga Routine for Adults and Children

September 17, 2014



Child’s Pose/Lizard on a rock:  Alternate who is the lizard and who is the rock.  The rock begins on hands and knees and then sits back onto their heels, placing their forehead on the ground and stretching through their arms (child’s pose).  The lizard sits back to back to the rock with their legs stretched out in front of them and gently leans back onto the rock.  Hold for 5 breaths.



Seated Twist/pretzel pose:  Twists are great for fall as they help to promote digestion and purify the body.  To begin, sit on a blanket with your legs in front of you.  Bend your right knee and cross your right leg over your left with your right foot on the floor.  Flex your left toes and place your right hand on the floor behind you for support.  Inhale as you lift your left hand up, staying tall, hug your bent knee to twist clockwise.  Hold for 5 breaths.  Repeat on the other side.


Head to knee pose:  This pose is especially great for grown ups who sit in chairs all day, or who walked up too many subway steps.  Sit on a blanket with your legs stretched long in front of you.  Bend your right knee and place your right foot at your inner left thigh.  Let your right knee flop open or support with another blanket.  Sitting tall, twist your belly to face your left knee.  Place your left fingertips on the floor for support.  Inhale stretching the right arm up, keep that twist as you hinge forward bringing your head towards your left knee.  Hold 5-8 breaths. Repeat on the other side.


Western stretch:  Sit on a blanket with your legs slightly bent in front of you.  Flex your feet, toes point to the sky.  Sitting tall, bring your fingertips to the floor beside you and inhale,  exhale as you slowly hinge forward.  As you relax into the stretch you might straighten your knees or keep them bent.  Hold 5-8 breaths.


Gratitude & blessings pose:  Sit on the floor cross legged and lean your back against the foot of the bed, couch or wall.  Close your eyes and go inside.  Take turns listing 3 things that you are grateful for.  Then take 10 deep breaths as you let your blessings fill you with joy.


Kelly Scanlon, E-RYT

Energetic Juniors Trainer, Yoga Teacher & Weightloss Coach