Strengthening your child’s core is so important, we thought it was worth creating a part 2! If you notice your child is slumping over with poor posture, has trouble holding a pencil or buttoning shirts, or difficulty with keeping balance— he or she may simply need to focus on building their core strength. There are many ways for your child to build up strength and correct this problem without a strenuous exercise routine or enrolling them into sports (though these is great too!). Here are 3 ways to integrate core building into your child’s daily routine:

  1. Bike Riding — Any activity requiring balance is great for building core strength. Bike riding regularly will help your child learn how to stabilize themselves using core muscles (and have fun while doing it!!)
  2. Swinging — Build up core and stability muscles without them even knowing it! Head to your local park and let them swing their way to a strong core.
  3. Plank, plank, plank! — One of the most basic and important skills for your child to master is learning to hold a plank with their body in a completely straight position, head to toe. Their hands should be directly under their shoulders as they do so. Try to get to 30 seconds and work up to a minute!

If the above activities are simple enough for your child to complete, try taking it to the next level with this core workout. Repeat each exercise 3 times and try to complete 2-3 times per week! Enjoy.

By Paytra Gessler, Certified Youth Fitness Trainer, Certified ISSA Fitness Professional

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