5 Things to Try to Switch Up your Workout Routine if it Feels Repetitive

You and your teen are bound to want the occasional switch-up to your fitness routines. Even as a fitness professional, I sometimes need change too (that’s right, sometimes the gym sounds boring even to me). It’s normal to want something new, and the good news is— its great for your body too! Our bodies are constantly adapting to better handle our daily routines, so trying new styles of workouts are a great way to reach your fitness goals and have fun while doing it.

I’ve compiled a few ideas of ways you and your teen can try if you’re feeling like you’re in a workout rut

  1. Home workout: Grab some cans, a bag of flour, and whatever other creative things you can think of and do an exercise with each of them. 20 squats holding a bag of flour. Shoulder raises with cans of soup. Tricep dips on the kitchen chair. Home workouts can be fun! Blast your favorite music and workout like no one is watching, because they’re not!
  2. Run in the park with music: When the song stops, find the nearest bench and do 20 squats, 10 pushups, and 10 bench step-ups each leg. Especially with spring around the corner, this is a great excuse to get outdoors and sweat.
  3. Countdown workout: Start at 20, and choose an exercise for each number ahead of time. Each number corresponds with how many of that exercise you’ll do. Complete the “countdown” 2-3 times and I guarantee you’ll be sweating. You can do this one anywhere: the gym, at home, outdoors. Sometimes, adding a twist to your workout makes all the difference.
  4. Take a class: Try yoga or pilates. Maybe you’d rather try a kickboxing workout. The great thing about living in New York is that there are tons of classes to try! You or your teen can explore different types of workouts and have a blast doing it!
  5. The “walk everywhere” day: Maybe you’re just not feeling it today— fear not! Your workout could quite literally be walking everywhere for the whole day. Walk to school. Instead of taking the bus those 20 blocks, walk it! You can always find a way to get moving, and it doesn’t always have to be a dedicated hour of workouts.

I hope these tips help to switch it up. Sometimes, a little change makes all the difference— and with spring coming, there’s so many outdoor activities you can do too! Don’t be afraid to try something new and remember that fitness should feel enjoyable. There’s no limit to how you can get moving!

By Paytra Gessler, Certified Youth Fitness Trainer, Certified ISSA Fitness Professional

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