A great way to get in a good and fun workout for you and your children is by creating and going through an obstacle course.

You will need to set up some stations. Let the kids help you with this. Children often come up with a very creative approach. Set up about 4-6 stations. One station could be throwing stuffed animals into a bucket. Another could be something simple like a jumping jack, sit-up or push-up station. One more could be a jump rope station and so on and so forth.

Then designate what kind of movement you would like to do as you travel to each of the stations. It could be skipping, jogging, jumping…whatever you decide.

 Once again you and your children can come up with creative ways on how to get to each station.

An obstacle course not only provides a great workout for you and your family, but it provides an opportunity to strengthen the bond between you and your child as you set up and go through your very own obstacle course.

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