This week’s fun fitness game takes no equipment and very little space. Come and play “Get Up!” with us!

The goal of the game is to see how many different ways you can get up from the ground into a standing position.

1. Designate a small space in your home. Turn on some upbeat music.

2. Start by lying on the ground. All participants have one-minute to see how many different ways they can get up and into a standing position. After they have stood up have them quickly lie back down again. Repeat as many times as possible until the time runs out. Keep count of everyone’s score (how many times they stood up a new way).

3. Once you master the game, add challenges. For example, stand up with your eyes closed, use no hands, stand on one foot, add a jump every time you stand up, or hold a ball.

What it’s working: Gross motor skills, balance, core strength

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