We’ve all heard how exercise is vital to our physical health — but did you
know the benefits to our mental health are just as great? Over the years, I’ve
heard countless parents tell me how happy and motivated their child seemed
after a workout. It’s true! Setting up healthy habits at a younger age will lead
to decreased risk of depression and anxiety as your child matures. Don’t
overlook the mental power of moving — especially in the years of self-
So what exactly are the the benefits to good mental health and exercise? I’m so glad you asked!
1. Increase in Confidence: Setting goals and reaching them is a sure
way to increase anyone’s confidence. When you dedicate yourself to a
workout, you dedicate yourself to an hour of improvement. Children
and teens are at a critical age to develop their self-esteem, and finding
exercise your child enjoys can play a key role in developing this
2. Mood-lifter: Exercise releases endorphins, and is even known to
release dopamine and serotonin! All of these hormones are known as
“happy hormones.” Adding a workout into your child’s day will quite
literally lift their spirits.
3. Coping with Anxiety: Strenuous exercise can replicate the same
bodily responses as stress and anxiety. Our bodies can learn how to
cope with this response, setting us up for success when dealing with
negative stress and anxiety that comes with daily life.
4. Mental Strength: Pushing through a tough workout is not just a
physical feat, but a mental one too. The discipline that physical
exercise teaches children is a great way to build up mental strength
and determination.
It’s no wonder how including an exercise regime into you and your child’s
schedule can help prevent depression. Exercise is a great start to developing
healthier mental habits at a young age. It’s important to remember that
exercise is not just a physical tool, but a great way for your child to cope with
stress and anxiety too.

By Paytra Gessler, Certified Youth Fitness Trainer, Certified ISSA Fitness Professional

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