Here is a workout tip for grown-ups. Leave the dumbbells at home and work out in the park! Equipment-free exercise (using your own body weight and good old gravity) can be just as effective as what you can do with any dumbell, machine, or barbell.

This is a great circuit workout (Crazy Eight’s) you can adjust to your own fitness level. This workout includes cardiovascular intervals and drills mixed with body weight strength training.

Here’s how to start:

Step One – Find an open space. This space should allow you to travel at least 20-25 yards
Step Two – Begin your circuit workout

First Station

1.) Move Forward (8 x 20 yards – down and back is one rep) – travel forward by walking, jogging, running, or even lunging. Again, you can adjust your workout to your fitness level. For example, running and lunging might be for the more advanced since it requires a greater range of motion and is higher in intensity.

Second Station

2.) Squat Jumps (8 times) – With feet shoulder distance apart, squat down to touch the ground then drive yourself upward until you jump off the ground, hands reaching up to the sky. If this movement is too intense, take the jump out (again adjust the exercise to your needs). Be sure chest remains forward and weight back in the heels to take pressure off the knees, and land softly and quietly on both feet.

Third Station

3.) Push-ups (8 rounds of 8 secs – see how many you can do) – You can perform a push-up in many different ways depending on your level of fitness. You can perform a push-up on grass, on your hands and feet, or from your knees or you can challenge yourself by slightly elevating yourself on a deck stair or park bench. complete repetitions for 30-60 seconds holding abdominals tight so that the hips won’t sag.

Fourth Station

4.) High Knees – (8 rounds of 12 secs) – hold hands palms down and in front of your hips as a target for the knees with each step. Depending on your level of fitness and comfort you can increase or decrease the intensity of this exercise by manipulating the time.

The whole workout

This marks the end of round one. Make sure to rest between each circuit. For those of you who are more advanced 30 secs to 1:00min of rest should suffice. For those who need more time try resting at least 2:00min. Remember, with circuit training you want to keep the heart rate elevated. Resting too long will defeat the purpose of this type of workout routine.

Now, go outside, soak up some sun, and have fun during your next workout.

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