I know what you’re thinking: Yoga, my child doesn’t even like the word. There’s always the stereotype behind yoga that you must be very flexible for it. But what If I told you that is all wrong. By the time your child experiences Yoga with Jessica, the word Yoga won’t even mean what it used to—for you either—, and they will have learned the inspiring story behind my type of yoga practice: that I can still fully practice and enjoy the benefits of yoga even though I cannot fully reach my toes.

Maybe I should have started with a sentence talking about the pandemic, and how Covid has made your lives that much more complex. Or how yoga will change all of that. But, I wanted to be real, I wanted to be honest, yoga will definitely not change any of that. What it will do is give you and your child something to look forward to every week. It will be something that will assist in grounding you and them, at least for a short time, while we are together.

Covid-19, has changed all of us, we don’t even know fully how we have changed just yet. Soon you will see how much you and your children have grown while coping with these challenges. The unique thing about yoga is that it allows us to accept the changes that are happening. Instead of using moments to escape these changes, yoga allows us to integrate them.

For some reason, remote yoga has been a powerful way to unwind and move for children. There is a certain energy exchange being done through remote yoga now that did not occur when I was there face to face with my students. Moving our bodies has never been so important; focusing on breath-work has never been so important. And these two practices together equate to a life-changing experience. An experience that we can carry even beyond these challenging times. The following video is a short moment—a short moment of what an hour of mindfulness practices, yoga songs, guided meditations, and moving our bodies intentionally in my sessions really looks like.

There are many wonderful and talented instructors at Energetic Juniors, I encourage you to try out each class to get a feel for what feels right, and I hope your children will always remember the connections and memories they made with us during our virtual times together.


By Jessica Abramov, Certified Kids Yoga & Mindfulness Instructor

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