One of the first things you learn from martial arts training is DISCIPLINE, RESPECT & SELF-CONTROL. A lot of people see martial arts as just a sport, or something to keep their children busy, but they don’t truly understand how life-changing martial arts can be for their child.


Physically, we work on strengthening the body, which also includes learning about staying properly hydrated and making healthier food/snack choices so we maintain our strength and energy. It takes a lot of this strength and energy to perform calisthenic exercises and go through series of martial arts drills and techniques. By working on their appearance—keeping uniform/clothes clean, showing up on time, standing tall—children will improve their self-esteem and self-respect.


Mentally, martial arts students will always have challenges to conquer to reach the next level. Learning how to control themselves when they have to think quickly on their feet—strategizing and countering what their opponent’s next move will be—will teach them about discipline.


Emotionally, children are taught that no matter what, they never give up, and if they fall, they get right back up and continue. Teaching them various ways to defend themselves will prepare them for real-life situations. In this way, they learn how to survive and have backup plans.


These are only a few ways martial arts class or lessons can prepare your child for the future. Much can be written about how martial arts/self-defense classes can improve fitness, but the best way to see its benefits is to experience it.


Cassandra German is an AAPTE Certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, and First Degree Black Belt (Jujitsu & Chin Na)